HAPU's changelog

HAPU 2.4 (403) [09/05/2015]

  • Added a rules system for player and streaming detection, allowing you to easily add support for your favorite service/app. See github.com/inket/hapu-rules for details.

    Note: Firefox support will be slowly discontinued over the next few updates. (or until this is fixed)

  • Added the ability to specify the player in the blacklist rules.

  • Added AdultSwim support.

  • Added Plex Home Theater support.

  • Fixed Plex Media Server support (no false positives.)

  • Fixed HAPU not showing up when clicked on multi-monitor setups.

  • Fixed crash due to malformed MyAnimeList response.

  • Fixed a few more inconsistencies and bugs.

HAPU 2.3.1 (381) [30/04/2015]

  • Added Plex Server support (experimental)
  • Added Kodi (formerly XBMC) support
  • Fixed Funimation stream detection
  • Fixed rare crash

HAPU 2.3 (375) [26/04/2015]

  • Added Squire support
  • Added JKanime streaming support
  • Fixed support for the new version of mpv (HEAD)
  • Fixed posting status updates
  • Improved performance

Important for MAL users:

  • HAPU will now sync your anime status changes to your MyAnimeList library. Meaning adding, removing or changing the watching status of animes in your Hummingbird library will make the same changes to your MAL account.

HAPU 2.2.2 (360) [30/01/2015]

  • Removed OS X 10.7 support for performance and stability reasons.
  • Fixed the display of long anime titles in search results.
  • Fixed crashes.
  • Known issue: Posting to the activity feed still doesn't work.

HAPU 2.2.1 (354) [19/12]

  • Added support for more streaming sites.

Due to changes on Hummingbird's side:

  • Fixed connection issues. (will ask you to login again if needed)
  • Fixed notifications.
  • Known issue: Posting to the activity feed still doesn't work.

HAPU 2.2 (348) [16/12]

  • Fixed Notifications crash.
  • Fixed support for some streaming sites.
  • Fixed login issues with complex passwords.
  • Improved auto-update system.
  • Known issue: Posting to the activity feed still doesn't work.

HAPU 2.1.9 (338) [06/12]

  • Improved connectivity and network security.
  • Known issue: Posting to the activity feed still doesn't work.

HAPU 2.1.8 (336) [25/11]

  • Bug & crash fixes.
  • Known issue: Posting to the activity feed doesn't work because of changes on Hummingbird's side. We will need to wait for an update from Hummingbird to be able to make it work again.

HAPU 2.1.7 (330) [2/11]

  • Added Movist support.
  • Fixed Search and Notifications speed issues.
  • Minor bug fixes.

HAPU 2.1.6 (322) [13/10]

  • HAPU will now only check what you're streaming once you click its icon. No perceivable difference except the energy savings.
  • Fixed Netflix detection.
  • Fixed status bar icon appearance on retina screens and Yosemite, for the last time hopefully.
  • Fixed UI for first time launch.
  • Fixed connection problems.
  • Improved performance and fixed crashes.

HAPU 2.1.5 (308) [03/09]

  • Fixed status bar icon on Yosemite DP7.
  • Fixed several crashes.

HAPU 2.1.4 (304) [12/08]

  • Added dark mode support for the status bar icon in Yosemite.

HAPU 2.1.3 (302) [07/08]

  • Restored Search functionality
  • Fixed Episode Number placement issue

HAPU 2.1.2 (298) [25/07]

  • Fixed crashes in Yosemite Public Beta (14A299l) and Yosemite Developer Preview 4 (14A298i)

HAPU 2.1.1 (295) [19/07]

  • Fixed stream detection for the services Viz, Daisuki, and Wakanim (.tv & .co.uk)
  • Fixed the shown episode number being obstructed in some rare cases.

HAPU 2.1 (292) [15/07]

  • Improved OS X Yosemite support.
  • Improved performance. Snappy™.
  • Improved detection from video players.

HAPU 2.0.6 (286) [07/07]

  • Added episode number correction
    • When HAPU incorrectly detects the episode number (as is often the case with streaming services not starting the episode count of second seasons from 1), click the episode number to show the correction window.
  • Bug fixes.

HAPU 2.0.5 (279) [06/05]

  • Fixed crash on OS X 10.7
  • Improved the behavior of the search results list.
  • Bug & crash fixes.

HAPU 2.0.5 (275) [01/05]

  • Bug fixes.

HAPU 2.0.5 (271) [29/04]

  • Fixed crash related to VLC.
  • Bug fixes.

HAPU 2.0.4 (264) [13/04]

  • Improved performance.
  • Added "Remember my choice" option when reporting crashes.
  • Crash fixes.

HAPU 2.0.3-1 (254) [06/04]

  • Fixed high CPU usage issue with search.
  • More bug fixes.

HAPU 2.0.2 (249) [04/04]

  • Added SPlayerX support
  • Added back Anime Correction
    • When HAPU incorrectly detects an anime, use the search function to find the correct one and click "Watching Now"
  • Added a File Blacklist feature
    • Use the Rules in the Preferences to tell HAPU which files it should ignore when matching. (Set it to your movies/tv shows folder for maximum usefulness!)
  • Fixed Twitter & Facebook sharing on OS X 10.7
  • Made the app more responsive even when doing heavy tasks (like matching)
  • More bug fixes.

HAPU 2.0.1 (242) [31/03]

  • Fixed OS X 10.8 support
  • Added support for the video player mpv.

HAPU 2.0 (238) [30/03]

  HAPU 2 is finally here!

  • Big redesign and new interface

        HAPU now sits in the menubar. Click its icon to interact with it!

    • Features:
      • Post to your activity feed right from the app.
      • Get notified and see who commented on your profile.
      • Search for animes within the app, and change statuses in the blink of an eye.
      • Share what you're watching with your friends on Hummingbird, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Automatic detection
        You no longer have to open your video files with HAPU. The app will automatically detect what you're watching on MPlayerX, VLC and MPlayer OSX Extended.

  • Stream detection

    • Much more reliable stream detection thanks to a new core.
    • Fixed Hulu detection
    • Developers: feel free to use the streamdetection binary (included) in HAPU.app/Contents/MacOS/
  • Account changes

    • HAPU now requires a Hummingbird account to function.
    • You can still keep your MyAnimeList account up to date. The app will automatically mirror your progress updates to MyAnimeList.

HAPU 0.9.3 (202) [05/02]

  • Greatly improved stream detection mechanism. (Also restored Funimation, Firefox support)
  • Fixed bug causing excessive notifications of new Hummingbird profile comments.
  • Added Check for Updates… option in the More ▼ menu.
  • More bug fixes.

HAPU 0.9.2-15 (189) [01/02]

  • Fixed crash on OS X 10.8.5.
  • Fixed the last remaining bug with Animaxtv.co.uk stream detection on Chrome.

HAPU 0.9.2-13 (187) [31/01]

  • Fixed Animaxtv.co.uk stream support.

HAPU 0.9.2-11 (185) [28/01]

  • More reliable MPlayerX support and stream detection.

HAPU 0.9.2-5 (179) [05/01]

  • Added Start HAPU at login option in Preferences.

  • Faster and more reliable Hummingbird library loading.

  • Bug fixes.

HAPU 0.9.2 (build 41) [28/12]

  • Fixed MyAnimeList connection problems.

  • Fixed Season Manager: now correctly shows the Winter season's anime.

  • Added stream detection support for the browser WebKit.

  • Added stream detection for streaming site: Animaxtv.co.uk

  • Optimized CPU usage when idle.

  • Various other bug fixes.

HAPU 0.9.1 (build 36) [09/11]

  • Added support for streaming sites: Wakanim.tv, Wakanim.co.uk and ADN.

  • Fixed stream detection for Daisuki.

  • Fixed menubar menu not displaying titles correctly when streaming anime.

  • More bug fixes.

HAPU 0.9 (build 35) [27/10]

New features
  • Menubar icon

    • Enable it in the Preferences to access a mini version of HAPU right from the menubar!
    • Supports drag & drop to open your anime.
    • Also included: an option to hide the Dock icon & main window, for minimal footprint.
  • Move Exceptions

    • You can now add exceptions in the Preferences for total control over which files HAPU can or cannot move.
  • Redesigned Preferences.

  • Implemented Netflix support (Huge thanks go to @HelenJHSmith!)

  • Subtitle files are now moved along if HAPU is set to move your videos.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed crash when MyAnimeList doesn't return necessary information when signing in.

  • And more.

HAPU 0.8.8 (build 32) [08/10]

  • Fixed another crash related to MPlayerX and the Play Next File Automatically feature.

HAPU 0.8.8 (build 31) [06/10]

  • Fixed crash related to MPlayerX and the Play Next File Automatically feature.

HAPU 0.8.8 (build 30) [04/10]

  • Fixed crash that occurs when you uninstall the video player used by HAPU.

HAPU 0.8.8 (build 29) [29/09]

New features
  • Season Manager

    • Accessible from the menu Utilities > Season Manager.
    • Allows you to add multiple animes from next/current season to your Hummingbird and MAL libraries, with a simple click.
    • Checked animes would be added to your Plan to Watch list.
    • Greyed checkboxes mean that the anime is already in your list.
  • Search & Add

    • A "+" button will appear if the anime you're watching isn't in your list.
    • Clicking it allows you to quickly search for, and add that anime to your Currently Watching list.
    • Video demo
  • Implemented support for MPlayerX's "Play next file automatically" feature. (experimental — feedback is crucial)

  • Added options for HAPU to notify you before updating your library. (Through Notification Center and/or by bouncing the app icon — Check the Preferences)

  • Improved recognition algorithm. (Additionally: SxxExx, EPx, and similar naming schemes are now supported)

  • Tiny UI refinements.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug where HAPU couldn't get the file icons of some apps. (Affected MPlayerX)

  • Will no longer suggest to update progress if the current episode number exceeds the anime's total episodes number.

  • And more.

HAPU 0.8.7 (build 28) [17/09]

  • Added app icon :)
  • Added (dynamic) file icons. If you set HAPU as the default app for video files, those files will take the icon of the Default Media Player chosen in the Preferences.
  • Greatly improved connection errors handling. HAPU will retry automatically if it faces connection problems (unstable internet, website down, etc.) so you can focus on watching.
  • Fixed memory leak.
  • Fixed some bugs.

HAPU 0.8.6 (build 27) [10/09]

  • Fixed bug where HAPU wouldn't detect anime information from Google Chrome.
  • Fixed some more bugs.

HAPU 0.8.6 (build 26) [06/09]

  • Fixed the crash when linking accounts. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! :)
  • Fixed some more bugs.

HAPU 0.8.6 (build 25) [05/09]

  • HAPU can now detect when you're watching anime from around 20 streaming sites.
  • Improved support for Mac Blu-ray Player.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where improperly named players could not be opened by HAPU.
  • Fixed some UI bugs that might show up when Hummingbird is down.

HAPU 0.8.5 (build 24) [28/08]

  • Fixed rare crash.

HAPU 0.8.4 (build 23) [19/08]


  • Fixed issues that might arise due to recent API changes.

HAPU 0.8.3 (build 22) [16/08]

  • Faster watchlist loading for Hummingbird thanks to recent API changes.

  • HAPU now correctly notifies you about profile comments.

  • Fixed rare app crash caused by incorrect response from web browsers.

HAPU 0.8.2 (build 21) [08/08]

  • Updated the app to use the new Hummingbird API. You'll have to re-link your Hummingbird account in the Preferences.

  • HAPU can now notify you when there's new comments on your Hummingbird profile! Enable it in the Preferences. (This feature uses Notification Center, so you'll have to be running OS X 10.8 or better)

  • The share button now has a new sharing option: Hummingbird. You can write on your activity feed right from HAPU.

  • Added support for detecting anime information from Vizanime.

  • Redesigned some of the Preferences.

  • Fixed anime cover images not displaying for Hummingbird due to API changes.

  • Updated Hummingbird logo. Also added retina versions of the logos.

  • HAPU will now tell you when you're about to quit the app while a file move still haven't finished.

  • Fixed rare crash that would happen if the user reloaded the watchlists right after opening the app.

  • Bunch of bug fixes.

HAPU 0.8.1 (build 20) [28/07]

  • Hummingbird: Updated app to take advantage of some new API features and to fix a recognition bug that appeared with the API changes.

  • Fixed bug that prevented the app from showing anime suggestions when selecting anime.

  • Other bug fixes.

HAPU 0.8 (build 19) [24/07]

  • Added support for streaming services by browser detection:

    • Works on Safari, Chrome & Firefox. (Contact me if you use any other browser.)

    • Detects anime/episode information from Crunchyroll, Hulu, Funimation & Daisuki. (Again, contact me if you use any other streaming service. Legal, hopefully.)

      Some things to keep in mind:

      • Detection is not instant, wait at least 20 seconds before reporting problems!
      • You'll need to update the progress manually (with the new button).
  • Added option to match subfolder when moving anime files. See the Preferences.

  • Added an Update Now button for when you want to update your progress immediately. You can also press ⌥ to turn it into a Cancel All button. Keyboard shortcuts are ⌘+U and ⌘+⎋, respectively.

  • HAPU now tells you when an anime's status will change to Completed.

  • Added a Share button for when you feel like telling your friends what you're watching.

  • Greatly improved recognition algorithm

  • Implemented a crash reporter. If HAPU crashes, when you relaunch it, it'll ask if you want to send me the crash report. Please do!

HAPU 0.7 (build 18) [14/07]

  • Fixed bug where an incorrectly formed API response would crash HAPU.

HAPU 0.7 (build 17) [14/07]

  • Added the ability to automatically move anime files to a desired location after updating the progress. (Set it up in the Preferences)

  • Improved recognition algorithm.

  • Lots of bug fixes.

HAPU 0.6 (build 16) [10/07]

  • Fixed bug where HAPU wouldn't update your anime progress if you changed the episode number manually.

HAPU 0.6 (build 15) [10/07]

  • HAPU now loads the entirety of your watchlist and is able to match anime that are not in your "Currently Watching" list.

  • Added the ability to change anime by clicking the anime title:

    • Useful if your anime was not recognized correctly. Will also remember any corrections you make!
  • Added the ability to change episode number by clicking it:

    • Useful if the episode number was not detected accurately or if your file is not named correctly.
    • Allows you to save any correction you make so it can be applied automatically.
    • Example: I use this for Senyuu. 2; HorribleSubs/Crunchyroll named the episodes starting from 14, even though it's a new season.
  • Added the ability to change anime status to “Currently Watching” if desired.

  • Added the ability to drag & drop video files directly in the main window to open them with HAPU.

  • Improved recognition algorithm.

  • Added support for more file types.

  • Bug fixes.

HAPU 0.5 (build 11) [28/06]

  • Fixed bug where quitting other apps would affect HAPU.

HAPU 0.5 (build 10) [27/06]

  • Auto-updates!

  • Default player choice! You can now set HAPU as the default app for your video files and it'll ask which player would you like to use (and ultimately save that preference.)

  • HAPU will automatically change the status of your anime in MAL to "Completed" if you've just finished watching the last episode.

  • Lots of bug fixes.